COVID-19 5/14/20 Update

May 14, 2020

Residents and Families,

We appreciate your cooperation and support during these unprecedented times. Social distancing and other virus-related restrictions have been difficult for all of us during this pandemic. As some states begin to “reopen,” our family members and residents understandably want to know when community restrictions (e.g., visitation, communal activities, leaving the community) may be lifted. Read more

COVID-19 5/4/20 Update

May 4, 2020

Residents and Families:

We want to reiterate our thanks for all of your support and continuing patience as we work through this crisis.

This update will focus on some positive things that have happened in the past week.  We are happy to announce there have been no new positive cases for resident or for employees.  For those residents diagnosed as COVID positive that remain in our care, none have shown any negative health related signs or symptoms of the virus. Read more