COVID-19 7/14/20 Update

July 14, 2020

Residents, Families and Partners,

As you are aware from our past communications, despite our continued focus on infection control and prevention, our Community has been impacted by the significant surge in positive COVID-19 cases in Maricopa County.

In an effort to get a clear picture of the current spread of the virus within the Community, we decided independently to ensure testing of our employees and residents.  As you may know from national and local news reports, testing materials are either hard to come by or results are delayed.  We have been able to secure testing supplies and arrange services with a new lab (our previous lab located in Arizona has been overrun with demand due to the rapid rise in cases in the state).  We have focused on ensuring prioritizing first the testing of those individuals displaying signs or symptoms of the virus or any concerning change in condition or exposure to an individual who has tested positive.  However, it is our intention to ensure everyone who wishes to be tested receives a test.

To date, about a 1/3 of our current staff and over 2/3 of our residents have been tested.  Any staff that have tested positive are placed off duty, and we monitor them for eventual return-to-duty as per CDC and local health department guidelines.

The majority of residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 are either asymptomatic, have fully recovered or are currently recovering from the virus.  We have a few residents that have health issues that require a higher level of care that are currently being served outside of the Community, but we continue to monitor their recovery for eventual return to the Community.

We ensure all families of those residents who have tested positive are made immediately aware of the test results and are involved and informed in the subsequent health care needs of the resident.

We remain in close contact with our local health department and the state assisted living regulatory officials, and we are implementing their guidance.  Our staff continue their diligent care to our residents, and we continue our efforts to mitigate and prevent viral spread.

Please continue to report any changes in conditions in yourself if you are a resident or your loved one within the Community. As previously advised, if you do feel like you or your resident loved one are experiencing any health changes, we would ask that residents stay in their rooms as much as possible while we obtain COVID testing or any other assistance you may need. The virus has presented in many different forms so any change in condition should be reported.

Please continue to reach out with questions, concerns, or requests for assistance. We appreciate all the support, thoughts and prayers.

If you have an immediate concern, please email Tristess or myself. Our phone lines are often busy, especially after hours and on weekends.

Carolyn Lynch, Executive Director


COVID-19 7/6/20 Update

July 6, 2020

Residents, Families and Partners,

As promised, we wanted to provide you another update.  As stated in our previous letter, we continually monitor residents for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and assess employees for signs and symptoms or exposure to the virus.  We also stated that when we had first notice of the recent positive employees and residents, we were having some additional residents tested for the virus.  We were informed that out of the 8 residents that were tested, 5 have come back as positive for COVID-19.  We have five other residents who were tested over the weekend or will be tested in the next day or two and will be isolated pending testing and the receipt of results.  Of the 9 now positive individuals, 4 have been sent out of the Community for treatment and the rest remain in the facility under isolation.  All of the families of these residents have been notified and are regularly updated as to their health status. Read more

COVID-19 7/1/20 Update

July 1, 2020

Residents, Families and Partners,

I am sure many of you are aware of the significant increase in positive cases in Arizona.  In our previous communication, we made you aware of a newly positive employee.  We now have a second staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19.  As with the employee we previously updated you about, the employee has been out of the building for over a week and only recently received test results and communicated them to us.

We also now have two residents who has tested positive for COVID-19.  One resident was sent out of the facility for non-COVID related reasons and was tested at the request of the resident’s family.  However, as the test received was a rapid test which has been shown to have a high percentage of false positives, the resident is being re-tested and is on isolation pending the results.  The second resident is currently receiving treatment outside of the facility.

We have identified several residents that are currently being isolated from other residents who have shown symptoms, have been tested and waiting on results to return.  Families of these residents have already been contacted. Read more